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Brothers Born: Peter and Ed Non-Slash Community

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Relevant to your interests? [04 Mar 2011|05:40pm]

Couple of Narnia/Wonderland crossover romance theories over here along with a picspam. Might be good for some fun discussion. ;p
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Fic Journal [16 Nov 2008|03:11pm]

Hi ya'll! I know this community has basically been defunct for awhile. Which is too bad, it's a great idea. Maybe when Prince Caspian comes out on video we could get something started again?

Anyway, I just wanted to let any of you who have enjoyed the fics I've posted here know that I made my own community libraryofanvard , where I'm in the process of posting all my Narnia fics. Some of them I've also posted here, but I've written a few since then that you might be interested in. Quite a few have Edmund as a main character, and often have Peter and Edmund being brotherly. =D I've also posted commentary for my fics, mostly to remind myself why I wrote what I wrote, but others might find it interesting.

So, come on over and visit, read, comment, etc. It's also open for people to post their own gen fics if you want.

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Fairest of Them All - PG [11 Jul 2008|11:20pm]

Yet another attempt at reviving the community. Here's another fic I wrote for my Narnia challenge, this time a humor piece between Edmund and Peter.

Title: Fairest of Them All
Disclaimer: I do not own Narnia, etc.
Note: The answer to challenge 5: White. This was going to be an introspective Peter piece, along the lines of Seeing Red. Then I remembered watching an interview with William Mosely talking about how he picked on Skander Keynes (those two really act like brothers sometimes) and everything I planned got thrown out the window in favor of this.

Fairest of Them AllCollapse )

Hope you enjoyed it, maybe start a discussion or something to get the community going again. I'll give it a few more days, maybe try to start a discussion on the Prince Caspian movie which had great Peter-Edmund brotherly bonding.
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Fic: Breaking Moiraen Thread - PG-13 [06 Apr 2008|11:41pm]

Another in my Challenge series, one pretty much all Peter-Ed brotherly. But, as a warning: it isn't happy and fluffy. At all.

Title: Breaking Moiraen Thread
Disclaimer: I do not own The Chronicles of Narnia. Which is probably a good thing.
Note: The answer to challenge 18: Fate. The title is a reference to the Moirae, the Greek Fates, who spun each person’s life in a thread, allotted the amount of life they were given, and then finally cut the thread when that person’s life was to end.

Breaking Moiraen ThreadCollapse )
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Fic: Reclaiming Winter - PG [06 Apr 2008|11:37pm]

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted. Anyway, I've posted this both on ff.net and at four_sovereigns but thought it would fit here too. Basically it's my attempt to keep writing by challenging myself with a list of words to write a short fic from. This one has all the Pevensie kids, but it is kinda brotherly focused. Hope you enjoy it!

Title: Reclaiming Winter
Disclaimer: I do not own The Chronicles of Narnia, or any people, places of things therein portrayed.
Note: This is the answer to challenge number 14 – Winter.

Reclaiming WinterCollapse )
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Challenge [13 Feb 2007|07:49pm]

[ mood | sick ]

I was searching for some personal inspiration, and decided to post a few quotes I found, since they seem Narnia-ish and challenge-worthy.

#1. "Faith is, at one and the same time, absolutely necessary and altogether impossible." - Stanislaw Lem (1926 - 2006).

The challenge here? A fic of any length - but not about Susan! :) A few points of view I think would be interesting. . . Aslan, Tumnus, Oreius, Edmund, Jadis (aka the White Witch). And it doesn't even have to be about the quote - it could just be inspired by. *grin* Giving you license to do . . . well, anything, really.

#2. "Great services are not cancelled by one act or by one single error." -Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881).

I like this quote so much, and I think it has so much potential _whatever_ you do with it (even the obvious choice here like Edmund) that I just want to see what happens when I turn it loose on you.

#3. "The first duty of love is to listen." - Paul Tillich (1886 - 1965)

Again, so much potential here that I don't really have any restrictions on it. If you want some parameters, just for kicks, it makes me think about the Pevensie parents, and whatever moment of revelation occurred for them in regards to their children and Narnia. But honestly, this one could go anywhere, and I'm having a hard time deciding if it's better as a "set-in-Narnia" fic or a "post-Narnia-real-world" fic. :)

And now for something completely different . . . *grin* Those were the tame ones. Here's some that are going to be a little more difficult.

#4. My own modification of a Louis Pasteur quote, here it is - "Chance favors the prepared mind."

*blink* I _told_ you these were going to be esoteric.

#5. "Look in the mirror. The face that pins you with its double gaze reveals a chastening secret." -Diane Ackerman

Or in the same theme, something I was going to discard for morbidity but refused to be trashed . . . "Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead." - Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790).

#6. "Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat." -Theodore Roosevelt (1858 - 1919)

While you could go traditional with the Pevensies on this one, it struck me as one quote that might very well apply to some of the Narnia characters living in the 100 Year Winter before the arrival of the Two Sons of Adam and Two Daughters of Eve. The Beavers, Tumnus, the Fox Spy of the movie who was never named . . . :)

And I was going to stop, I really was, and then I saw this.

#7. "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."

And there were just so many ways to turn it that I will simply smile and leave you to it.

My absolute last contribution here is a quote passed on to me from another fandom that spurred 500 words from me in one frenetic hour of life in which this quote siezed my brain and shook it like a terrier with a bone. :)

"Stories, of course, do not begin with the birth of the protagonist."

*whisting innocently*

To get these quotes and others, I reccommend www.quotationspage.com

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Bittersweet Burdens [06 Feb 2007|07:42pm]


Title: Bittersweet Burdens

Author: jenn_1

Summary: Edmund gets some gifts for his eleventh birthday that make him think about his time in Narnia. About a year after LWW. Oneshot.

Rating: PG

Timeline: A year after the events of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and less than week before Prince Caspian.

Spoilers: For the 2005 movie and minor ones for LWW and PC. Book, but more Movie based. Thoughts and quotes from the movie are in italics.

Category: Angst. Non slash.

Disclaimers: They’re not mine, they’re copyrighted to and belong to C.S. Lewis. The movie is based off of Lewis’ work and copyrights also go to Walt Disney and Walden Media. Not making any money for this story. This fic is just for enjoyment.

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Fanart [05 Feb 2007|07:45am]

Thought I'd spread the brotherly love with a little fanart...

...under the cut.Collapse )
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Fic Rec [18 Jan 2007|02:03am]

Fic Recs: Each of these stories will be well written and worth the effort of reading. They are all complete. No Mary Sues allowed. So what are you waiting for? Go read it!

Notes: I have not asked the author's permission to rec their fic, but I don't think they'll mind the publicity. Also, if any fic that I rec has actually been previously posted here by the author, well, please excuse my faulty memory.

A Elijah's Cup by lembas7
Everyone deserves a chance at redemption.
[Prisoner of Azkaban, Chronicles of Narnia crossover]
I've read a lot of crossovers. A lot. And this story is by far the best crossover I've ever read. It's a parallel cannon story. Meaning, the events of the story run along side Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban but events are shifted due to the Pevensie's involvement. This is actually a stand alone story that has several other little pieces written before and after it in the timeline. The characterizations are wonderful and the plot is to die for. The tone is great. You can just feel the danger and the suspense and the love.
Bonus: The little twist that allows our WWII children to reach present day Hogwarts is extremely inventive and does NOT disregard the fact that they do live during WWII. The author doesn't just pull them out of their own time and plop them into Hogwarts.

Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: Kutless - More Than It Seems
Current Webpage: Elijah's Cup
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Fic Rec [03 Jan 2007|07:14pm]

In an effort to keep the community alive, and not having any completed written works of my own, I thought I'd start reccing a new fic every so often. Each of these stories will be well written and worth the effort of reading. So what are you waiting for? Go read it!

Notes: I have not asked the author's permission to rec their fic, but I don't think they'll mind the publicity. Also, if any fic that I rec has actually been previously posted here by the author, well, please excuse my faulty memory.

A Cup of Cambric Tea by Almyra
The night before the Battle of Beruna, Peter and Edmund receive an unexpected gift.
Not too short, not too long. This story depicts a touching night for the four siblings as adult Kings and Queens in Narnia. A bit of angst, some Peter Edmund moments, and all around great characterizations and sibling bonding. Beautiful imagery. This author does not forget that we have five senses. It will make you heart melt.

Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: KT Tunstall - Through the Dark
Current Webpage: A Cup of Cambric Tea
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Fanfic [23 Dec 2006|12:52am]

Title: Fitted for Heaven…and Earth
Rating: G (K)
Disclaimer: The Chronicles of Narnia, all characters, places, and related terms belong to C.S. Lewis.
Summary: How do brothers and brotherly love grow?

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[16 Nov 2006|05:20am]

Title: His Brother’s Arms
Rating: G (K)
Disclaimer: The Chronicles of Narnia, all characters, places, and related terms belong to C.S. Lewis.
Summary: Peter is surprised and concerned when he wakes up during a thunderstorm – alone.

Two Sons of Adam
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[23 Oct 2006|10:09am]

Is it just me or is this community seriously dead? If nobody's going to be bothered putting things in here, I think I may drop out. Where's the Narnia love? Seriously guys!!!! Do it for Aslan!!!
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My Challenge Entry [09 Aug 2006|08:46am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Well, here's my challenge entry. The song I chose is "Twilight" by Vannessa Carlton.

Peter n' Edmund wallpaper under here...Collapse )

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Back to Narnia [06 Aug 2006|02:03pm]

[ mood | creative ]

It seems like this community has kinda shut down recently. I know I've been moving on to other fandoms since the excitement over the movie died down. Yesterday, though, I rewatched Narnia and I want to get back into it. So to do that, I'd like to propose another challege:

Inspired by
Take the Chronicles of Narnia inspired by cd and either write a story/poem or create icons/wallpapers/sigs based on one or more of the lyrics. And example would be an icon I made a few months ago(EDIT whoops, wrong one. here's the one I was thinking of):
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

No limits except the usual: no slash, please use good grammar, etc.

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[14 Jun 2006|11:30am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

I just thought that this song brings to mind Susan after she forgets about Narnia. It's an awesome song, and I only realised that it sounded like Susan's thoughts after she forgets about Narnia, and after the train accident.
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[03 Jun 2006|02:19pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: First Night Back
Rating: G (K)
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The Chronicles of Narnia, all characters, places, and related terms belong to C.S. Lewis, and Walden Media and Walt Disney Pictures.
Summary: Having returned through the wardrobe, Edmund wonders if everything is just as it was. Movieverse.

Read more...Collapse )

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[29 May 2006|12:15am]

[ mood | tired ]

Title: The Greatest Lesson
Author: Sentimental Star
Disclaimer: I own nothing in this marvelous universe; it all belongs to C.S. Lewis
Rating: PG
Warnings: Angst
Summary: A bad cold and a homecoming leads to some much needed closure...
Notes: Because we can always use another Peter and Ed one-shot :winks, grinning:. I actually wrote some of this when I was still recovering from a particularly nasty cold, and it made me feel better. So I suppose colds can be good for something :grins again:.

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[23 May 2006|02:48pm]


Rating: General
Disclaimer:You all know the drill. I own nothing in this marvellous universe. It all belongs to C.S Lewis
Summary:Peter's coming home after being away for a while, as he tries to find out who he is if he isn't a high king in our world
Notes: I was in a bit of a strange mood while I wrote this, sorry if it's too strange for everyone's liking


A/N ok, sorry for the strangeness of this tale. I have no idea what made me write this, but well, it’s written, and it’s been posted. Anyway, please read and review, people!

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Post: Take 2094. . . and counting [13 May 2006|10:13am]

So, I'm the one who's brandy new at this. *Grins*
I'm going to attempt to post a link to my story on ffnet here, because I kid you not when I say it is massive, long, and with icky font-craziness at points, the formatting of which is vital to aid in clarification. But it is the beginning of a universe I'm having muchness of fun with. The pertinent Info?

Story Title: ELIJAH'S CUP
Author: lembas7
Rating: PG, for mild language (one, two instances, I believe), and vague disturbing themes - violence wise. NO slash, sex, gore etc.
Chapters: 5
Words: 44,450
Status: Complete
Summary: Everyone deserves a chance at redemption. AU. [Prisoner of Azkaban, Chronicles of Narnia crossover.]

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2862528/1/

Now, let me see if I can get this darn thing to work properly. *grumbles*
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